Infinisource Benefit Services announces new offering within myHRcounsel partnership

30 January, 2018

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Coldwater, MI — January 01, 1970

Infinisource Benefit Services announces an exciting new offering within its partnership with myHRcounsel. This new offering provides clients with access to a full self-service legal compliance center at no additional charge.

Through the partnership with myHRcounsel, Infinisource Benefit Services provides access to on-demand legal counsel, along with an extensive knowledge base. The Legal Compliance Center includes employment, ERISA, and corporate law documents, along with legal overviews, checklists, and legal information regarding employment laws in all 50 states and on the federal level.

Clients also have unlimited access to more than 50 employment and corporate law attorneys to provide legal advice and assist in drafting employment law and corporate documents, company policies, and procedures, including employee handbooks for an additional small per-employee, per-month fee.

When adding the Legal Compliance Center, clients can create and improve all required documentation, keeping them in compliance. The new offering is available by phone and online seven days a week for any compliance questions.

"By adding the Legal Compliance Center, our clients will now have anytime access to important documentation required to comply with federal and state laws," said Jody Oliver, president and CEO of Infinisource Benefit Services. "With the unique option to consult with attorneys for tough questions, our suite of services now includes compliance advice and resources."

The service is user-friendly, offering access to legal advice from employment attorneys and a knowledge base packed with legal documents.

"The Legal Compliance Center, now integrated in with Infinisource's offerings at no additional cost, gives businesses the critical tools they need to stay compliant in this difficult legal environment," said Mark Young, CEO of myHRcounsel. "Our partnership combines the innovative offerings from Infinisource Benefit Services with the knowledgeable and experienced attorneys, giving customers the right tools without the high fees incurred when working with attorneys."

Infinisource Benefit Services offers services designed to simplify benefits administration and compliance. The HR legal services offering is just one part of the suite of services, including COBRA, flexible spending accounts, health savings accounts, health reimbursement arrangements, premium-only plans, transit & parking, notice mailings, and more.

About Infinisource Benefit Services

Infinisource Benefit Services has been a leader in the COBRA and benefits administration industry since it started in 1986. Over the past 30 years, Infinisource Benefit Services has grown and expanded to include administration for COBRA, Flexible Spending Accounts, Health Savings Accounts and Health Reimbursement Arrangements. Over 10 million COBRA notices have been generated without a single adverse judgment or penalty. Infinisource Benefit Services has also processed more than 7.5 million FSA/HRA claims, and that number continues to grow. With 30 years of experience comes a unique understanding of employers' needs and how to best provide for those needs. For more information, visit

About myHRcounsel

myHRcounsel offers unlimited employment and business law compliance advice, access to documents, checklists and frequently asked legal and business questions. Their 20-year history of providing services in their unique format means their clients can receive instant answers on everyday compliance questions at a greatly reduced fee. myHRcounsel is provided for a flat per-employee, per-month fee and is available seven days a week by phone or email. To learn more, visit

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